Oculus Rift – a Virtual Reality gaming revolution

Oculus Rift is leading the re-emergence of modern Virtual Reality gaming. This may be the best time for the industry to entertain the idea of VR gaming. Virtual Reality in the past was far from what we have today. We now have more powerful consoles and processors. These can turn graphics into simulations of our own realities. The Oculus Rift is a gadget which could potentially dominate this market.

oculus rift

PS3, Xbox 360 and other gaming consoles have been on the decline in terms of sales. In fact, Sony’s PS3 took a long time to pick up. You can blame the economy for its troubled sales. But some may also blame the lack of fresh ideas. This may be one of the reasons why people have settled for keeping their old consoles. What is there to upgrade to? The PS4 is now available to the public. And Microsoft have already released the Xbox One. But how new and revolutionary are they?

Oculus Rift is something different. It introduces a wearable headset for the user – though this is very different from hardware such as Google Glass. They are then immersed in a whole video game world. Oculus VR CEO Brendan Iribe explained that the Oculus Rift would cater to all sorts of gamers. From the hardcore shooting games to subtle pet games for children. For the first time, Oculus Rift will be offering a 360 degree environment for all gamers to enjoy.

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How did Oculus Rift Start?

Kickstarter helped fund the project. They aimed to raise $250,000 for the design of their product. But in the end raised $2.4 million instead. The design of  the Oculus Rift means that it is not intended to be a stand alone console. It needs to have a computer in order to work. Cloud computing is becoming popular not only among businesses but also for personal use. The Oculus Rift is showing immense potential in approaching this concept. The price of each product is forecast to be $300.

Will it be successful?

When it comes to gaming nothing is ever certain. No one would have anticipated the slow sales of the PS3. Or the six year gap until the release of the next PlayStation. But given the power and the potential of the Oculus Rift we would expect it to win a lot of hearts. It is likely to slowly seep into the interest of many gamers out there. The expectations are that it is going to be huge. Right now it is certainly aimed more at the ‘big bang theory’ type of enthusiast. Only developers and Pc DIY types have got their hands on them. But once a consumer version is made available these will of course become mainstream.

But there is an issue to be seen for Oculus Rift. They have been very slow at getting the developer kits out to those who ordered them. Even though they received 2 million more in funds than originally requested. Are they a company who fail to deliver on their promises? Only time will tell.

At the current rate of development its possible that others may bring out something similar before Oculus get to the consumer stage. Maybe the likes of Microsoft with the Xbox One. Or Sony with the new PS 4. If this happens Oculus could be in for a rough time trying to compete.

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Virtual Reality has become popular since the 1950s. Over the past decades it has catered to how people view their realities. A VR environment always interests people. From VR movies to the gaming business. But this is not the first time that we have heard of a VR hardware. This is also not the first time that a gaming console company has tried to make use of Virtual Reality. The question is –  will it be a flop like the Nintendo Virtual Boy? Or will this be an example of success? Again – this remains to be seen.

If Oculus Rift can get a consumer version out by E3 2014 they could dominate the market. If not it’s anyone’s guess! We will of course  keep you updated !