Virtual Reality Movies – where the possibilities are endless

Virtual Reality movies have become increasingly popular over the years. This has become a concept for many TV episodes and movies. Reality has its own set of norms. So Virtual Reality movies have become an attractive theme potential of a blockbuster hit. Concepts have been created wherein the possibilities are limitless. Virtual Reality has become popular since the 1980s and 90s. Part of its mainstream success is the appearance of movies like the Matrix Trilogy.

virtual reality movies

Virtual Reality has been the subject of many science fiction movies. This is largely due to the flexibility of the plot and the potential twists. It has triggered the imagination of many movie directors. Not only because of the great potential of VR but also because of the fan base it has. Over the years and throughout the history of virtual reality we’ve seen a lot of movies based on this concept. Here are some of the movies that you may have watched.

Virtual Reality Movies.

Tron Legacy.

Tron Legacy was essentially a movie that most fans of Virtual Reality movies would have watched. The first movie was made during the 80s. This first film proved how people perceive Virtual Reality as one of mankind’s future endeavors. A hacker was abducted into the Virtual Reality that he created. He was then forced to be a gladiator and fight for his life. Fast forward 2010 – Tron Legacy kicked things off when the son of a virtual world designer went looking for his father inside the world his father designed. He then meets the creation of his father.

Matrix Trilogy.

The Matrix Trilogy is based on the premise that the reality that we are actually seeing is far from the truth. Humans are merely used as fuel by the machines for their biomechanical heat. In return they are given the Matrix. The Matrix is a virtual world where people live as normal lives. The question given to Neo was: will you take the blue or the red pill? The red pill means waking up to ones reality. And the blue pill being satisfied with the status quo.


Many question whether this is actually a Virtual Reality movie. But a lot of its storyline has been influenced by Virtual Reality. It makes use of an Avatar that you can control when your real body sleeps. The story involves humans in a distant future trying to colonize other worlds. In order to get what they want, humans try to get an Avatar. The idea being that one of their soldiers could control it to get an inside report of what is happening in the village.


An ‘extractor’ is offered his old life back as payment for planting an idea into another person. This movie takes place inside a person’s dream. Not one of the typical Virtual Reality movies that involve computers. This movie bends the way that reality is perceived.






Hollywood has been fond of using the concept of perceived reality in its themes. Known to draw sales, if given the right plot and story line, it has become a much used topic over the years. There are a lot of movies that already use the concept of Virtual Reality. These Virtual Reality movies today may come in different forms. But one thing is for sure – they have the ability to capture the imagination of an audience.