Virtual Reality Hardware – for more than just gaming

Virtual Reality games have always required Virtual Reality hardware. Typically the hardware is mainly used visually to stimulate the user. This places the user in a VR environment. What is experienced would be dependent on what he or she does. Bulky gaming consoles during the 90s made use of this Virtual Reality hardware. But what made these systems fail upon the transition into users’ homes was the size. Today Virtual Reality hardware is fast becoming obsolete in gaming. This is due to the emergence of high grade software. And also the simpler designs of modern consoles. For instance, you will see Sony PS4 and Xbox One run first person games as if you are there. It is already Virtual Reality. There is tactile stimulation because of the vibration of the controllers. This all adds to the excitement of playing modern games today.

virtual reality hardware

Uses of Virtual Reality hardware.

So what are the practical uses of Virtual Reality hardware? Aside from gaming, it has performed a significant role in how people are trained. For instance, people with dangerous occupations can train in a safe environment. Pilots and other occupations that require training in a safe environment can now simulate a situation before they attempt it for real. Parachute training and even medical training make use of a VR environment. It replicates what does – or could – happen in real life. This has improved people’s proficiency and capabilities when it comes to the jobs that they do. They get more proficient. But without the risks or fatal consequences. This is possible with the haptic design of the VR hardware. This means that it is sensitive not only to touch but also to the movements made by the user. This minimizes injuries and improves the proficiency of professionals.

Virtual Reality has become of interest to many of us today. It has been present in several virtual reality movies and in so many games. Anything that is themed with the mind escaping reality is now fast becoming an over used plot for so many comic book adaptations and movies. But when did it all start? During the 1950s, technology for computers was merely used for computation purposes. As the years passed, programmers thought of using a monitor to communicate with the computer. This is where the use of Virtual Reality started.

virtual reality hardwareDecades on there are now a lot of fields that make use of such advancement in technology. It has been used for 3D designs for architects. And even for medical professionals. The recent Google Glass is also a perfect example of how this form of experience can be used outside of games. But what made VR so popular was the gaming industry. Gaming companies have invested in making hardware that would cater to a VR environment. Nintendo was one of those companies. They released the Nintendo Virtual Boy console in 1995. Its aim was to provide a new experience for gamers, But it failed due to the fact that it was expensive for what it was. At that time there just wasn’t the technology to provide reasonable graphics. And definitely not for a reasonable price. It was sold for $180. Nintendo decided to end the production of Virtual Boy early the next year.