Virtual Reality Games – the future of the gaming industry?

Virtual Reality games have become a popular subject of countless video games. From first person games to RPG games that allow you to step into a different world. This proves that there is a market interested in an alternate reality in the form of the VR environment.

virtual reality games

The History of Virtual Reality games.

The idea of Virtual Reality was conceived during the 1950s. This was when computers were still bulky machines that would need an air conditioned room to keep everything working. They were simply glorified calculators during the Second World War. Pioneers of VR environments looked at creating ways to provide an alternate reality for users. Since then it has become the subject of many virtual reality movies and comic book adaptations. These helped to spark the interest to create Virtual Reality games. The gaming industry today is a multi billion dollar business. So there is a market that could be ready for such changes.

Virtual Reality games have become popular over the years. Since the 1950s, trends making motion sensitive controls in a VR environment have become a trend. There have been previous attempts by gaming console companies to implement a VR environment to their games. Nintendo during the 1990s made the decision and invested some money on VR hardware. The idea was for gamers to experience a VR world using headgear. This would transmit images to the gamer. The goal was to provide an affordable game console. But it failed on its release because of the high end hardware that it used. The Nintendo Virtual Boy was released in 1995 at a cost of $180. It was discontinued early the following year. This was despite the many advertising strategies of Nintendo.

There are also many example of real life applications. It has become a training aid for many occupations that may have serious consequences if trained in the ‘real’ world. Air borne soldiers use a VR environment in order to perfect the use of parachutes. The same goes for pilots. A pilot is able to fly a ‘plane’ in a simulated environment. This obviously provides a safe mode of training. All without the life threatening risks.


The future of Virtual Reality games

virtual reality games

The next major product to hit the market will be the Oculus Rift. This started out as a Kickstarter project. And later evolved into important gaming hardware. It is expected to have a price tag of around $300. Not that it will be available for a while yet. Now what makes this a good choice for gamers today? There has been a recent evolution in the gaming industry. Oculus Rift is being developed at a time when the graphics are already close to simulating reality. It’s also to be expected that the likes of Microsoft and Sony will want to compete with their own consoles which go beyond the current Xbox One and PS4.

Are we ready for these types of VR games? Looking at the graphics of our current consoles – it would have to be a ‘yes’. The Gran Turismo game for instance on the PS3. There are instances when it simulates a driving experience similar to that seen when you are on the road. This simply means that the game itself is a mimic of reality. Adding hardware like that of the Oculus Rift will enhance the experience of the user.