Immersive Entertainment

Immersive Entertainment.

Immersive Entertainment

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Entertainment is a part of life and people want to enjoy their lives through different means of entertainment. Immersive entertainment is a modern form of entertainment that comprises of interactive content used to engage the audience and it contains personality driven entertainment. This type of entertainment is getting huge due to the exciting facilities and features they are offering to the people. Let’s discuss how this is increasing in popularity and what technologies are part of this immersive entertainment.

Why immersive entertainment is growing in popularity.

Trends in entertainment are increasing and it has been observed that the impressive multimedia is now used in games and other entertainments. If we talk about virtual reality games, then you will see exciting applications and grabbing features listed below.

    • The Next generation immersive entertainment dome is one of the successful domes and it is a popular attraction of InfoComm and users like the great interactive application on their mobile phones. It is launched in China and becoming a popular attraction for people.

Immersive Entertainment

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  • XBOX new application SmartGlass is introduced for providing a more interactive gaming application for smart phones and iPhones. The new application is used on mobiles like other similar gaming applications. Immersive entertainment is getting huge and enriched features are added to facilitate the easy gaming through XBOX consoles. You can use this app to play content on the large screens of Xbox 360 or Xbox One. Now you can enjoy movies on the big screens by controlling them through your windows 8 mobile with this app installed.


  • The entertainment is getting huge because panels are planning to combine sensations, engaged relationships, dialog management and they are adding spatial transformations.

  • The new generation of humans and characters are used in games to provide enhanced gaming experience and companies are trying to add emotions and movements to provide a new immersive entertainment world that is beyond the entertainment in different areas of life.

  • Immersive Entertainment

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  • 3D is the most entertaining factor that is making entertainment huge. The immersive entertainment in the form of 3D is providing in depth view of images and videos, which you are watching. People are enjoying 3D movies on their screen as well as in Cinemas. The great entertainment features in form of 3D are attracting large audiences and these features are used in TV shows, movies and games too, Kids like to play 3D games through fabulous Playstations consoles such as the new Sony PS4.


  • Immersive entertainment is popular these days due to the entertaining 3D glasses that are used while watching 3D visuals. People wear these glasses while playing and even while watching any 3D video. Enriched gaming experienced is enjoying using SSG 3D glasses. These glasses are rechargeable and add more benefits to its users.


These modern forms of immersive multimedia applications and devices are making entertainment a thrilling entertaining factor for elders as well as kids. Now TV, cinemas, games, in fact every entertainment platform is getting versatile due to new and advanced immersive technologies.